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Personal essays, anecdotes, informal research, reviews, lyric essays/poetry, and academic articles/papers.

Each piece is tagged with a few categories to give you an idea of the style and content. Read on!

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“Forecast Essay” by Jenny Boully

I came across this creative nonfiction piece as I researched Jenny Boully’s collection of lyric essays, The Body: An Essay. Boully discusses the urgency and immersion of writing as a way to distill the soul: “[Writers have] transferred the whole of their beings onto paper, attempting to take the soul—that very spacious thing—and install itContinue reading ““Forecast Essay” by Jenny Boully”

“How We Echo” by Amaris Feland Ketcham in Eastern Iowa Review

Another lyric essay! Ketcham takes a more essay-oriented approach to her topic: the passage of time and the removal/renewal of history. She progresses from image to image as if the reader is taking a hike alongside her through red sandstone: from petroglyphs to graffiti, new marks to erosion, mother to daughter, she records the passageContinue reading ““How We Echo” by Amaris Feland Ketcham in Eastern Iowa Review”

“Basement” by Kimberly Ramos in The Lindenwood Review

After learning more about lyric essays, I feel comfortable classifying one of my published pieces as lyric essay. It’s written in a prose-y, essay-like manner, but it employs poetic techniques like metaphor, rhyme, rhythm, assonance, and alliteration. While I state the theme of the lyric essay more explicitly than other pieces might, I still believeContinue reading ““Basement” by Kimberly Ramos in The Lindenwood Review”


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